Download your free Scooterfilm Screensaver:  


How to install your screensaver:

If you are using a PC:
- Click on the link and save the installer to the desktop
- Double click the screensaver icon
-Click on "Install"

To uninstall:
- Right-click on your desktop -> screensaver
- Click the "Option"button
- Click the "Uninstall..." button


If you are using a MAC:
- Click on the link to download the screensaver
- Save the disc image (.dmg) on your desktop and double click to open.
- Double click on the screensaver icon.
- Click on “Install”
The System Preferences Desktop & Screensaver open up and your screensaver is installed.

To uninstall:
- Under System Preferences -> Desktop & Screensaver -> Screensaver
- Click the “Option” button.
- Click the “Uninstall…” button.

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