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"As with Christian Bauer's previous film, the qualtiy is fantastic... it shows the fun side of owning an automatic scooter well."

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(Article in German)
"2008 beginnt heiß, ...weil es etwas völlig neues gibt! Christian Bauer hat sich mit seinem Team ein ganzes Jahr lang in Action und Arbeit gestürzt, den ersten echten Dokumentarfilm über die Scooterszene raus zu bringen"

"Ein echtes Muss, wie wir finden!"

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Fan-mail about Scooter Scene - Reloaded

"Dear Scooterfilm,
Would just like to say i purchased the Scooter Scene - Reloaded dvd and it has imspired me and many of my friends and family and it was awesome to watch and glad they filmed it in England as well as Germany. The people i have lent it to and sat them down to watch it with me can now understand why i love scooters and tuning them so much lol. If you could please keep me informed of any new films like this it will be much appreciated
thanks very much best regards.


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