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Our second feature documentary is exploring the fast growing scene of automatic scooter enthusiasts. Please find stills of "Scooter Scene - Reloaded" below.

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Scooter Weekend, Hockenheimring, Germany.
Over 7000 scooter fans from all over Europe visited the highlight of the year. This fantastic event featured the famous F1 race track, quarter mile racing, a custom show, a stunt show and a burn out contest.

More than 500 scooter fans visited the open day of Scooter Center in Cologne, Germany. A good day out with a custom show and a great stunt show. An endurance test for the scoots!

Interested in the Darkside? A movement of English Scooterists who took a big step from classic scooters to twist'n'goes. We have joined them on a trip to Belgium to find out what the fuss is all about.

The ultimate challange: Porsche, Ferrari or Scooter? We found out which is the fastest on a drag race in Meinerzhagen, Germany

We visited the monthly twist'&'go night at the legendary Ace Cafe in London. We had a good time watching the wheelies on the A40.

-Tips and tricks on how to get into scooter racing.
-ISDM race and Stage 6 Cup in Spa, Belgium. We got great shots and exciting race scenes from an onboard camera and cameras along the track.
-Plus interviews of drivers and mechanics.

International Custom Show Saarbrücken, Germany 2007
Around 2000 scooter enthusiasts visited this fantastic show. We got some nice shots of the best scoots and many interviews.

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